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The Dachshund is an elongated, vigorous, muscular dog with short legs. It carries itself proudly and has an intelligent expression. It has an elongated head and a slight convex skull, arched and protruding eyebrows, a long muzzle, robust jaws with non-pendent lips, and a pincers or scissors bite with extremely strong canine teeth (Dachshunds usually have 42 teeth). Its eyes are oval, dark red or brown-black with an energetic and friendly expression. Its ears are mobile and hanging long on its cheeks. Its body should have a strong protruding sternum and a moderately retracted Dachshundabdomen. Its tail is carried in line with its back. The short-haired Dachshund's coat should be shiny, sleek and uniform.

Dachshunds have a wide color variety. The colors I have are as follows: black, red (deep auburn). I also have piebalds they can be bi-colored. They can have a white body with patches of one or two solid colors, as in red on white, or black on white also chocolate on white. The patches may range from a few spots to covering over 50 percent of the body. There may be ticking throughout the white areas.

If you are interested in a Dachshund please call me. I would love to speak with you about my beautiful puppies. However, if you have an interest in another breed of puppy then click the link below or the Available puppies link.


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